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  1. Any prrove bastard ? :facepalm: we trade it and when he want that costume back and he back my item i reject it cause we already have a deal :) get it idiot ? :friends:
  2. lol kid just shut up u can't do anything yet :) you can't work yet just beg for some money to your parents idiot
  3. Lol go die u jealous :)
  4. Thinking abt my countries ? Canada lol think it ur self My country more powerful and rich than Indonesia
  5. U go to hell bastard go play Might and magic :facepalm: and feel the diffrent
  6. Many playero or indonesian ducking weak country player bro ? please answer me :give_rose:
  7. U are pogging pinoy bro and who is nindaime and singed ? :friends:
  8. why paladin cant use two handed sword ? look at this video
  9. hello so im sorry clarra i was telling u are scammer in game :bad: i got the problem now but im still woundering if you scamm darkzain why you dont change ur pass? why you let zain hack it ? this is imposible to do and REMEMBER CLARA NEVER USE SAD EMOTION BECAUSE ALL OF HIS BEST FRIEND KNOW IT
  10. sorry wrong type i've been edit it
  11. im quit because im get pregnant :rofl:
  12. maybe gm need answer this ;)
  13. np i can give you my acc but gm will block :facepalm:
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