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    naa, its not the same.
  2. the little girl was cheating anyways lol. if you watch the anime you will notice that the little girl can't see a person when its flying. When gaara started to fly with his sand she just saw him like if she wasn't blind.
  3. baskentli

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    Yes,They should do something new in this forum cuz this forum is hyper dead. nowdays most of the ppl just use the forum to report a person who scammed another or to see new announcements section.
  4. baskentli

    Forum Chat

    I suggested the same a long time ago,but ppl just said ''This is not facebook''
  5. Do your homework by urself. Should I quit this game and delete all my chars?
  6. that char was scammed 2 times already for sell/trade ,it should be banned lol
  7. he didn't do anything in the war.
  8. Bye man,I will always remember you. @edstrike @yushiko
  9. What happened to elf side (us sapphire) this time lol? a few mcs against millions of elfs lol
  10. No matter How much porn videos i watch everyday, I can't forget you. (''Redseeker'')
  11. Mcs kissed the floor in the war anyways lmfao. Well, im a mc,but i wanted to say it.
  12. Let me guess,there were like 20 mcs defendin' the flag against the overpopulated elf side lol
  13. i didn't know maara was a girl :V
  14. thats why i said ''luckiest pvp ever'' im not trying to prov anything my dodge is workin' right finally 34.2% but the next time you killed me
  15. luckiest pvp ever @Swaaz I love my Dodge.
  16. The time has been increased to 14 days..... have fun.
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