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  1. Polacy grają na serwerze EU po obu stronach, na serwerze US po stronie elfów również polaków znajdziesz (nie wiem jak ze stroną mc).
  2. What about relics? For individual skills? And what wpn you recomend?
  3. In games I play, when one of the factions has a significant advantage over the weaker faction, the system applies an offensive and defense buff that accumulates until winning. In this way, even the weaker faction has a chance to win after some time. After each win the buff accumulation would decrease. In Warspear, I suggest using a buff that works in cities with the flag and enemy cities for the weaker faction. Such a buff would increase attack, defense, resilience and resistance.
  4. Ellatrice


    Heya! Welcome! Have fun too! 🙂
  5. I finally decided to play a ranger. Priest for me is not interesting. So thanks for help! See you in the game! 🙂 Subject to close.
  6. I'm still don't choosed any class on mc site. You can tell me how this looks on elfs sites? I'm thinking about the choice on elfs site between paladin, druid or seeker.
  7. Hello everyone! 🙂 I planning return to game after more than 4 years and begin journey on new character, on server EU-Emerald and on the Legion side. I still wonder about choosing a class because new skills have been added. I'm thinking about the choice rogue, dk, warlock, necro, shaman. Which of these classes is wanted on late game dungeons, will do something in pvp and doesn't require a lot of money? I'm counting on your help! 🙂
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