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  1. There is something behind the truth,[Nothing]
  2. lets use hitler technique of the killings,joke
  3. You guys dont know about him,even i was one of you but now i understood him,you guys should better understand why he deletes or locks your topics,HE IS ONE OF THE BEST MODS,You people better understand it,faster you understand the better your warspear carrer will be,Thank you for your attention and keep this in mind
  4. I applied to become a mod,i got inspired when they said im better than (i dnt remember his name) Anyway i would like to contribute my hospitality to the communtity and help new people,Please review my application and Thanks
  5. can u explain where in the EULA it says he should be banned?
  6. Thank you for your report,the team will soon take action
  7. You are responsible for your own actions,The adminstration will take no action on this since its not any hack therefore you should be more careful in the future and avoid such fraud,please be careful,Thank you
  8. 1. Russell elf 2. Russell Fernandez 3. 14 4. India 5. 9th grade 6. Yes,in battlefield forum 7. no 8. online everyday after 3pm(GMT 5:30 , IST) 9. a moderator is a person who makes a link between the devolopers and users,they are also supposed to make the users feel important and comfortable 10. add a lucky player of the day lottery and also give away free mcoins (even 50 is enough) frequently to feel that mcoin buyers cant outpower them 11. weekly contests like earn certain gp to guess the secreat number for example if the secreat number is 777,a person has to take ss of his/her guild points and post it,if it matches the number,he/she is rewarded (the secreat number will not be revealed until someone finds it) 12. I want to make players feel that they are important too and give them comfort and help them in possible ways 13. Question and Answers,Suggestions,Support,Tavern. 14. Yeah! 15. US-SAPPHIRE , Russellelf , Hawk
  10. necroposting reveals that rejected ideas can be accepted after 2 years
  11. Tme guild systems have came long ago,still no mail
  12. Thanks guys,you make me still hope that im helpful to other people,love you all
  13. I have did bladedancer,ranger in some other topic,now im going for rogue.....
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