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  1. Lets get going on the update snorlax!! Cant buy m coins if i cant log in! :aggressive:
  2. Im so sorry that a priest killed you in pvp cave. We use cloth and only have 1 offensive skill but i totally understand that we are overpowered. To make it up to you, the next time i duck u in the ass in pvp i will use lube, if thats not enough then i might suggest you stop crying like a little ♥♥♥♥♥. The End.
  3. If you run into the cave and just start killing people that "at one point in time" killed you in cave. Then you are just gonna start a war....you cant hold grudges forever. If i did that i would have to start a fight almost everytime i went in cave......elves are really getting noobish and annoying.....i think im gonna focus on mc from now on.
  4. They told us before update they were doing this. Should have read the forum news... sorry
  5. Yeah...true, Iluvweed is bad also
  6. This is missing from arena dealer. Please fix when you can :)
  7. Maybe for hydra respawn, in that case kill kill kill :diablo: :dirol: Mc or elves or chosen or forsaken, if u get a hydra kill and it drops...good job!!!! Thats epic! Who cares about arena update; if you killed The Hydra! :drinks:
  8. No one complaining? We cant play. Chance of item is always the same? Your logic is incorrect. :diablo:
  9. Wrong, the people who buy all the m coins are the masses (not myself). And thats all the devs care about. Individuals are not the masses....the are indeed the most outspoken and correct, however the devs only want money. Who can blame them? :wacko:
  10. I understand, sorry if i came off harsh. Im just speaking from the little experience i have. I havent seen any high level mages in forum, and the highest in game i saw was lvl 17
  11. What a cry baby thread. The game is FREE they have to make money to improve the game. And they have to do updates to keep it "fresh" just enjoy the fact that you have friends and can play for free. If you dont like the updates im sorry, but honestly, just play or quit. But dont come cry on forums, sorry for the harsh post but you just gotta deal, the devs do whats best for the masses not the individual. And of course, whatever makes the most money.
  12. LOL!! Btw lady i used that same line in another post already haha :yahoo:
  13. Ok but then you wouldnt be able to "cleverly" get away because teleport and chains would be on cooldown, plus unless you hit both players with chains it would be useless. Lvl 5 chains is a waste 3 or 4 might be okay. But my mage is only gonna have lvl 3 chains.
  14. Lots of whining going on, just be excited for new stuff guys!!! If u have lots of arena points now u have lots of gold ;D Congrats to first place players in arena rich or not they are still #1 so just accept it! 8k arena point max is good because u can always spend points on potions or armor to sell for gold. Plus it means lvl 17 weapons wont be 20k arena points LOL TL:DR GREAT UPDATE!!! :yahoo: :drinks: :lol:
  15. Lvl 5 chains would push the enemy so far away that stones would never reach :facepalm: :facepalm: Do you understand the skills for this class at all?
  16. I knew it only blocked magic sorry I wasn't clear haha, thank you for input guys
  17. Spam is a brand of canned ham, it was a joke homie...chill out...
  18. I give karma to those who deserve it whether it is good or bad that's my own opinion. I make female characters because that's what I prefer, however my mage is in fact male. The teleport first then use chains is a good tactical but sometimes teleport can be difficult to aim lol and the u will have no means of escaping dmg if u need because chains and teleport will both be on cooldown. @Bloody do stun may only be 2-3 seconds but that can make a differance in the long run. A image with even a 2 Sec stun would make a big difference in defensible abilities.
  19. I think he was just teasing :lol:
  20. That is extremely offensive and uncalled-for. He is not nude, if he were on a beach it would be acceptable. You need to remove your narrow-minded opinions from this forum. I for one think the tats and make up look awesome. Just because I think he looks good doesn't make me gay nor does his opinions make him gay. I'm married with two kids and if I'm not mistaken so is bloody. Do not post sexism in this forum, period.
  21. Solarheal


    More infinity super cool ^_^
  22. I agree, but he wont, so all you can do is ignore him or laugh at his actions/attitude. At least he isnt malicious, at least i havent seen him be.
  23. Priest+warlock would DESTROY :diablo: :diablo:
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