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  1. im sure this emblem win 1st price.. (BALATO) AH. Haha bagsik gondo ng pag kakagawa pati description waku masabe.haha lupet.. :)
  2. kier28

    Server down?

    damn apple store the reason why delay update.. Wew
  3. kier28

    Is it today?

    still apple store the reason why delay the update,. Aww :(
  4. if i log in my char still welcome 3.4 but the other features like u can see player on list location is already update., i dont know the other update feature. Maybe wait for final update patch.
  5. currently im using 3.4.4 version ,the file from nokia ovistore now already update.
  6. kier28

    Server down?

    again and again and again
  7. Legionn bro congrats in best poster u won 3rd place congrats.
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