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  1. Make experience scroll so low lvl can lvl fast :D make x2 experience ;)
  2. wth i need this to fix i also encountered this spmming :/ please devs :/
  3. lmao and the only problem is i only have one device using hello????
  4. I cant log in my account something appear when i click my char. When i go online it shows slow network and keeps show restoring connection .what happen?can you please fix this kind of problem thanks to your fast action.
  5. Ok its clear to me now ;)
  6. Velze posting a kind if scam.please make an action before he scam other people thanks in advance for fast action.
  7. devs can you please fix the log in issue as soon as possible thank you . :)
  8. heres my entry hopeyou like it thanks . happy playing warspear :) ;D
  10. hahaha yeah you are right. but you play "KOTTAspear" too ;D
  11. yes i kow that. Thats why i take screenshot because i notice that. .i wish devs see my post. =)
  12. haha this guy make me sick lol all people post hes a scammer so i make an evidence after i screenshot he quick cancel the deal.haha that guy so idiot.haha
  13. can u block this character and his main.he always sell wrong item and scam other people.please track his main. If anyone know whos teamccbl blah blah. Please inform us. He sell lvl17 sword for 50k then he give lvl12. Make an fast action thanks. Happy ws to us.
  14. my character shaman was gone i dont know who know my id and pass he/she change the email and pass. now that character use for scamming other char and now my name is dirty anymore what the fuuuuuuu so please i you read this make that permanent ban or retrieve my char!! u said they get to the first owner! im the one who create that account haizzzzzzz .i lvl it to 20 and play hard then other player/hacker play my char and enjoy while me is so sad and angry because they never get back my account! sorry bad english! kakalala is not me anymore so be careful!
  15. punta ka kahit sang comp shop or sa sm netopia may load central don . dun ka mag paload sabihin mo mol payment then boom :D
  16. yeah u right. Please dev please fix this problem. When i change my char. Its so hard to connect.such a waste of time
  17. robskieful

    so funny.

    they cant restore my acc and fix. They email me that they back to the real owner. Oh common such a lier. How can u back that to the real owner. E the real and the one who make that character is me. Better to quit. .
  18. lol in not sharing my account no one knows my email and pass i play at my personal ipad and a phone no one touch my gadget even when im sleeping because i have password on my phone . im not sharing my account and no one knows . its just only me.
  19. are you insane?im not a kid ok i just put my log in and pass and its says incorrect id or pass. someone change my email or its a bug after install at waspear site the v.3.3. ill go to support then restore my account ill put again my email and a new pass then have an error says warspear account not found damn re u listening or what?u dont know what i feel now. im very mad! ill do all way to get my account but i cant log in anymore! i hope technical support help me thats the only way hae to wait wait and wait. i wish devs can solve this..
  20. i restore my password at support then said warspear online account is not found! ill try to technical support. please make an action thanks.
  21. lol its not my fault i know all the detail of my account! :diablo:
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