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  1. Well there are some rumors about lvl19 arena weapons , if it's true then arena points will be reseted.
  2. Healex


    Maybe or maybe it was different than the original
  3. Yes , they do that too, although there is a very small chance that arena points won't be touched.
  4. Healex


    The costumes you all want (superman,batman etc) won't be in the game due to copyrights. They can't use those costumes unless the original creator/owner of that costume/image approves that. Although more costumes would be a nice adition to this game.
  5. Well they said that ayvondil will be released this year :pleasantry:
  6. I think this will cause more chaos and figthing between factions , it's annoying enough that most of them create a new different faction character just to write how opposite faction s**ks..
  7. The idea is good and it was suggested many times, although devs said that there won't be any official PvP
  8. Yeah in all those years,i learned that developers only make halfh of what they promise.
  9. Well you'll need to have good magic defense fist so get a new set of armor and enchant it with magic defese runes.When you fight shaman/warlock you have to whatch out for they stuns,they do have area stuns so that means they can be avoided so try do that. When fighting a shaman try to prevent him from healing and avoid any area stuns, note that shamans have good amount of health ( most of them) so you'll need to amp your staff to deal greater damage. When you fight a warlock try to avoid his stuns and don't let him to prevent you from healing.When i fight a warlock i always try to use my mag
  10. In my oppinion costume rewards were better, instead of giving those lvl20 armor sets to only richest guilds put them in shop for high price for everyone. I can't remember the time when update or change in this game wasn't about the money...
  11. There's no need for that due to the ammount of Lithuanians that play here and it's not worht to go trough all that trouble for devs just to make few people from Lithuania that uses forums happy. I'm from Lithuania myself and almost every person i know speaks or understands english very good. P.S this is a suggestion, they go here ----> http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?board=29.0
  12. Send a ticket to support ------> Support
  13. 2 costumes in arena shop aren't that much.
  14. I would like to suggest to add a few more costumes to arena shop. Something a bit different that the curent costumes,somethig less green ;D .For example spartan costume and something special for girls,because they don't have that much costumes. :give_rose:
  15. Post a screenshot here, but it should add the amount of defence it shows.
  16. So guys i want to ask what is the best way to level up crafting skill? I only get few crafting xp per crafting job.
  17. Lvl6 arena is not about skill it's about who has the better amp or get lucky at the time.
  18. So i want to ask what is the best armor for a lvl20 bladedancer? (for physical defence)
  19. Game crashes for me when i try to enter the game with my chars
  20. Healex


    I am not able to buy mcoins trough your website it always say wrong verification code although it's good.. please fix this
  21. Because they pay for sms servises ( % of the mcoins price) to certain countries for letting you use sms payment,some countries don't do that so some people in those countries don't have sms payment.All other ways of payment are free (or cost really low) to use.
  22. So what equipment should i use and what skills to lvlup for lvl10 arena?
  23. I updated to new version 3.9 but when i try logging in it says version is outdated please fix this
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