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  1. You are a porn star now greg! good way to show yourself to the market xD we start in comics, and then conquer the world (?) Nice Comic Gin :)
  2. Great news! now its becoming a great mmrpg! Last thing is fixing the trading between players Issue and we are good to go :) Regards.-
  3. Is the trade items between players increased the limit? or its still a scammer paradise?
  4. Good Luck in your life, familly, business and all Buddy! Ty for everything :)
  5. Two Barbs in EU...and I was the first for the first 4 days :) Though....yeah, we need a tweek cos my feeling is that if the barb is not high amped....then we are fked. Barbs relay on HP, DEF and atk since we only can stun with 20% or less chance.....and after we are in close combat, the rest of the classes can stun us again or disable our skills, while we only keep attaking. Regards.-
  6. I will miss old times in MC side Lady.... ...bests of lucks there :)
  7. Only Boots missing xD looks cool
  8. Azebu, with all the respect I think you are moving away from the original discussion point that bloody post in the thread, no offence in my statement, it's my opinion. Saying "Basically speaking, Hitler was right." and then "Jews aren't a passive religion like christianity for instance. They have their own country, they are dicks to every non-jew. I'm not a nazi, and don't hate them, but I don't like them either. Nothing good came from them. Jews are bad. The world would've been better without them. If you disagree, please give good arguments, not "lol your retard gtfo xd" ..it's not a good way to start an opinion. Again, I'm not intending to offend you and if I do my apologizes. It's ok, everyone can have differents opinions about religion, cultures, etc.. etc... and its a good thing to discuss them but always with respect and no provocation. ...Sry i had to remind all you of this because I have the feeling that the following posts will not be friendly. P.D. I'm atheist, just to inform.-
  9. HI, check the Warspear site http://warspear-online.com/en/support There you have a section about passwords. Regards.-
  10. Hi Snorlax, mind replying one more time regarding point 1? Topic 2 is not necessary. Thank you very much.
  11. Yes please xD bd have harmstring, sap, the skill that hit really hard and other that I cant recall right now. We have only 2 skills in close combat chop, strong blow and roar....not being able of stuning in close combat sucks sometimes xD i dont know let us use 2 1h axes!!! Or a Skill that We go in Berswrker Mode reducing our def but increasing attk.
  12. It would be a great option to be able to PVP anyone, meaning same side or enemy side. Plus the capture the flag or King of Hills kind of games are cool :P +1 :)
  13. Sonrlax, First of all Thank you very much for your response and taking the time to read the post. I will go by parts. 1.- Ok, I will write what I understood. You know that there is a big problem with this and Dev team "will try to make trade sessions more safe to prevent scam actions"...meaning there will be a fix to all of this? Mind being a little more specific? I believe we all would love to loose or postpone an update but fix this Issue ASAP, and know that you are working on solving this. In the meantime what I got about what you wrote is that practically you will not take any action against scammers because this is a game functionality...am I right? So I can go freely and scam people knowing that my account will be intact and no action will be taken against me. I'm Sorry Snorlax but I think in the meantime that devs find a solution you will have to take actions regarding this...if not it sound like a joke to all of us and I know this isn't your intention. Regarding point 2, I know this must be talked between Support and she, but in this kind of cases when from night to morning someone got banned that person is not in a happy mod or calmed to speak and try to solve things. Thats why im helping. My last request for this is please consider all the evidence and posibilities, you are taking out a player that buy mc (Because this wasnt the first time she bought mc) and the most important thing is a good player and a good person, and you are keeping the ones that should be banned (from my point of view), it doesn't make sense...at all. Thank you again for replying and I would love to see facts that you are working on this 2 topics. Regards.-
  14. Still waiting for an answer. She spent a lot of time raising her chars and considering this is not a known bug it shouldnt be taken as an abuse. Plus she wasnt warned by any of The parts. I mean how Would She know that this would cause all this mess? why would she risk her account? I cant find any Logic behind the ban. Not a single thinking human Would do such A thing. Im sorry to insist so Much About This but i Feel u didnt act in The Correct way. Support usually Contact The person, ask what happend and then take Action. Please review her case. Thanks, P.d. i Hate writing from The phone..sry for The Capital Letters
  15. Kuzmitch, Snorlax, Mioco I would like to read a response from any of you regarding this 2 topics. Honest Players are being banned while the ones that makes this GREAT game(in capitals, because this is the best mmrpg for android) a bad experience are walking freely and continue ruining this project. Regards.-
  16. Hi All/Admin/Mod, I have two things that I would like to have an answer. 1.- Support Team regarding Scam cases: I have created a topic accusing a guy who scamed me with screenshots and all evidence. 10 min later of creating the post I've sent an email using the WS Website with the link to the post and some explanation. My post is from 9-Nov and I still haven't got any answer, nor by email or an Admin or mod in the forum replied. But for other kind of posts Mods reply instantly and close topics in 2 seconds. So I find this attitude respectfulness, not only for me but for all of the post that are unattended. Please notice that I'm not angry because of the scam, but for the attitude of not responding. link to Post: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74114.0 Could you please consider fixing this Issue in the Trade between players Logic? if it is because of a commercial propose that you can't change that I would like to suggest taking more actions in this cases, by acting or posting and reviewing the cases, or by opening a new subforum dedicated to this kind of problems, because lately they have been increasing, and the gamers are not comfortable with that. We feel that this cases are not important to anyone, so all the people that scamm will gladly continue doing this making WS a bad experience to honest players. 2.- dj****[email protected] Case: Today Alexia found that she was banned for a bug in SMS payment from Greece. The email from WS support team says that she was abusing about some bug on sms payment, but she has explained in the post that it's not like that. Im talking to her and we have contacted the Telephone company and they say that all the credit for each sms she sent was payed. She bought phone cards to buy the credit necessaries to pay that. The problem is that we asked an email or a Bill to prove that all those txt msg were paid and discounted to her telephone money but the telephone company can't provide that information, and the general Phone bill comes in December. How can she prove that the sms she sent to buy MC where discounted from her telephone credit? Do we have to wait until December to send you or Support Team the Bill? Is there other way we can do to prove that she didn't abuse any bug? Link to post: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74673.msg352687#new Could you please answer? Regards.-
  17. Este es el link http://warspear-online.com/en/support Completa los datos, el verification code, y después enviar. Saludos.-
  18. Well, i will repost pics that i had post in other thread :) Hope I don't get a warning for repost (?) Tatoos, i have to retouch them.
  19. Any answer? mail? post? something? it feels disappointing not having an answer at least from any admin. What should I understand from this? that a recovery account receives answers at instant speed but this kind of posts don't? So if i scam no one will take any action? I believe I have posted it in the correct forum and sent the email to the correct place....I've posted on 9 Nov...today is 18 Nov but still no answer. At least do it for respect. Regards.-
  20. Any response please? At least an email or post saying "We are checking the case." would be appreciated. Regards.-
  21. Hi Admins, any update on this? Are you reviewing this case? Thanks.-
  22. I don't think there should be any problem, Im thinking the same, with this solution there would be no scaming problems. And I will give you the best example why there shouldn't be any problem. When you put something to sell in Market, you can choose more than 10 and it will be only one slot. That system should apply to Inventory Exchange. This logic should be applied to exchanges between players. Notice that I'm not talking about increasing items per slot in inventory (I believe it's done like that to purchase bags) but only in Trade Screen, and not increasing the amount of different items per trade, only increasing the cap of 10 items of the same type. Regards.-
  23. Hi all, thanks for your support guys :) My idea with this post is to set a precedent meaning if you are scammed and you have evidence with screen shots, like i did, and post in the forum in a correct way scammers will be judged. If this ends in a good resolution, then they will think twice when scaming (Plus.....I warned in the beginning that i was taking SS to avoid this situation, so that means he is dumb or he expects Admins won't do nothing to him even with a report in forum). That's why I'm really interested in Admins resolution. I believe I've done the right thing, I consider myself a fair player, I don't go scaming people or doing stupid things, I just enjoy the game, but when this kind of thing happens GM must support us.
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