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  1. High def high stats> Higher def low stats That's my opinion.
  2. Yeah I guess I'm Pro Coolcatkid in bunny costume... 8)
  3. Have you seen a druid vs bd? Druids unless they kite forever have a lot harder time to kill bd in my opinion.
  4. Shaman combo normal attack(200) power attack(300) earthquake(250)... 750 attack in just a few seconds. Thats far more then enough to over power a heal.
  5. You want to make warlocks stronger ;D I agree :lol:
  6. Skypers why dont u pm me :diablo: Frosty always helps ppl who ask nicely O:-) (if i feel like it)
  7. Guiding Thread best healing armor in game.If you want a cheaper alternative your gonna be wanting to get lvl 17 set from astral labrynth Smock of desert wanderers Desert wanderers gauntlets Star pilgrims baldric Garnet Signets (x2) of abyss zealots Mantle of Abyss Zealots Amulet of inward power And a lvl 18 staff with astral crystal or lvl 17 weapon arena with astral crystal.
  8. What do you want your druid to do and be good at?
  9. Wow you are so strong :friends:
  10. Coolcatkid

    - Help PC !

    Open Warspear start to sign in then push alt f4 ::)
  11. 25x7.... wow the math is right congrats :shok:
  12. Its official I'm strong O:-)
  13. Your right he sure looks like a coolcatkid :lol: Yeah it's foreign. But where I'm living now there always seems to be awesome cool cars like this.
  14. Im deleting my picture with my sister because people are pming me about raping her and innapropriate sh*t like that. Yeah im talking about you Osirian faggot.
  15. Yeah arena gear is the best. Thats your best bet at a win. :friends:
  16. Vs any ranger never get too close. Being a ranger my first instinct is to hit power hit then go in for push. When they start advancing kite them with bees and roots they will spend so much time trying to scatter you they will die before they realize they were stupid.
  17. Me today by this sickass car O:-) :unknw:
  18. Im still buying tunic of radiant fame.... 80k or trade for reindeer rudolf
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