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  1. Count Godswraths in! Ill add 5k to the winning jackpot.
  2. These are my stats at lvl 20 -My hp is about 2552 in all gears give or take 20 -My def is about 1900 give or take 50
  3. Ok so theres alot of buzz goin around that surprise chest drops sudden doom the prices are insane anyone have any news?
  4. x=astral magic, once you plug that in remember your order of operations then you should get your heal at the end!
  5. The fact that it really takes 4 seconds to kill instead proves that you agree that there is nothing wrong with the class. You sure show alot of emotion towards this.
  6. Oh come on... Why is a rogue complaining about a ranger being able to kill someone in a second. Last time i checked 2k invis crit and a normal attack crit is enough to kill alot of players in a second.Rangers have just as much right to their opinions as you.
  7. Breaking news, Bounty on Pvprange's head Calling all Elves to protect the king!!! HURRY FAST ELVEs ;D
  8. Wow not only is pvprange pro but hes very wise :shok:
  9. Up heal next if you want to be a farming druid.
  10. Coolcatkid

    Bees Guide

    Oh so that's the formula I almost had it too...
  11. You beat us once out of 3 times Pvprange #1 Pro Player!!!
  12. Coolcatkid

    Rogue stats xD

    Alt F4 is my favorite combo for screenshot :blush:
  13. Just wanted people to know this seemed like the easiest way. I'm retiring from this game probably until the end of the school year. This game is no longer fun and I'm hoping when I come back there will be something fun going on or some new things to do. :facepalm: This is the worlds favorite CoolfatKid :friends: P.S. Linkpwns is piloting my characters while I'm gone.
  14. Wow you are so skilled :give_rose:
  15. Probably not many, Elf took Kratt and now are blocking for mc.
  16. You ride a hard bargain ;D But I will agree to your conditions ::) ::) ::) ::) + You are pretty :give_rose: O:-)
  17. You would do that for me :blush: :give_rose:
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