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  1. Bd rush... Mmm, it's like my rush have delay when clicked, Click rush, click position, stand still for a while, get stunned, click rush, click position, stand still for a while, get stunned, click rush, click position, stand still for a while, get stunned, ... drink hp pots... Same with my hamstring and sonic boom, ...
  2. How to install warspear on linux via terminal ?, Coz i have problem with speed download if i download from the website or browser xD
  3. Yep, more like that xD And much players around the world (that I knew from some countries) have a good attitude, xD Mmm, even for now, I still hope that there are more active players on all maps, from map 1 till the last map (btw idk what the last map for now xD)
  4. Yep, but there's no more master of flies left...
  5. We get inside the rotten garden in hard mode, we had killed all monster and boss, but the chest and gate exit won't open, so we search all monster that maybe left behind, then it's all clear, no monster left, in quest story, that one left, but we couldn't find it, so we exit the dungeon from the first gate,... Here are some screenshot...
  6. Update error 0x0DFAF25D Then 0x0DFA73ED Since I downloaded the new update..., till now, I have reinstall it, but still update error when launching the game..., and come with different error too..e
  7. Have problems with code to create new profile on test server, its six number right? I think my eyes and brain got a problem
  8. I miss the bustle of the streets all over the island. Not only during war. And I miss the warm atmosphere along the way. Talking anything good, weird, or even shit while doing quests, help each other. So much fun, it's not just about strength, greatness, or even wealth ... 
  9. When you have a problem and send an email to technical support, and they still not reply, ... please remember this below, coz this day i'm forgot xD please pardon me... " The response time of technical specialist can take up to 5 working days. " " In case of the account recovery question response time can be increased. "
  10. Its became like ham on bd, stopd 0,5 - 1 secnd to do skill,... somethin like that XD
  11. Hmmm :shy: i dnt remember all, i think its a lot, i hope :D n i dont really know whats the meaning of friend/bestfriend :shy: xregecide : a lot of help, laugh, story, n more, thnx for being my buddy :) khaleds : a lot of help, laugh, story, n more, thnx for being my bro :) petramon : a lot of help, laugh, story, n more, thnx for being my friend :) rohit/cwelus : a lot of help, laugh, story, n ur bad joke :/, thnx for being my friend on ws from the first time i play demigodssw : thanx to not let me alone at lake :P shintyaa : a lot of help, laugh, story, n always miss me :D
  12. Omg @[email protected] Send sms if all servers up,.... I need to go to dreamland :) ''cheerss beerss rancid in ur ears''
  13. Lol :D i got friend from ru, she'll miss me a lot :D she'll hope that eu n us stay down :D omg @[email protected]
  14. zethx

    elf vs mc

    we have to know when it's time for war, when it's time to not war, and when we have to work together ... 'the old adage says that :) I am grateful to the mcs n forsakens who have helped in some quests, and also to the elfs n choosens who also have helped in some quests,... thnx :)
  15. zethx

    Plz plz help me

    its no prob whats ur race, the point is ''help each others'', so u could lvl up easily n have fun ;-) sorry for my bad english, i should learn again @[email protected]
  16. zethx

    Lonely Server

    just like u :) but sometimes u'll find a very very nice player or players ... #o.O what i'm talking about @[email protected], nvrmn :)
  17. If advanced players said that u r noob, just said :fool: " I'm noob, n I'm proud to be noob" 8) zethx -> nooblovers :drinks:
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