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    Weakness of Rogue

    i'm just wondering what's wrong with this class. i'm a rogue rank 4 (574hp) and i have trouble with most of quests which should be able to be done by my own. the example is Wolf pit quest. friends of mine (barbarians and shamans) have done this quest wihout bigger problems (alone), but my rogue can't kill this Survivor Robber 1by1 without using fluids. the potions are expensive (i bought new armours and i'm out of gold) and people who completed this quest can't enter this area anymore so i'm stuck with this quest and cannot complete it. i'm trying to catch up with someone who haven't completed this quest yet but its hard to find someone. it seems like Rogue is the weakest class for now and i hope it will be balanced in the future. share your feelings about Rogues here!
  2. widzę kandydatura na moda już jest :). powodzenia i dużo cierpliwości Inf ;D
  3. i created my account before changes in profiles were made so i couldn't see this message :D. thanks for the tip!
  4. i have one suggestion for you. create one thread instead of ten and fill it with your cool ideas :good:
  5. i'd like to change my password but there's no such option in game nor on the website. how am i supposed to do it?
  6. well i'm avoiding deaths and if i want to teleport to the respawn statue i unequip all of my items first so they don't get broken :) . i've finished all quests on Godgorrat and bought the best set of armour there and i still have 5000 gold to spend. btw. i saw you sulla for a while yesterday xD. i'm starting doing quest on the irselnort but most of them seem to be too hard for 1 person.
  7. what's your phone? perhaps you have too little ram memory.
  8. both of skills that rogue has now are useless. "merciless attack" causes damage weaker than I can cause by using weapons and the second one brings no effect at all. i'm looking forward to skills update. in version 0.4.4 rogue could use crossbows and there was cool I/II button and we could fastly switch between two types of weapons (daggers and crossbow). will rogue be able to use them in the future?
  9. Skille pewnie będą na drugiej wyspie a wątpię by można było wrócić do poprzedniej. Mi pasuje czwartek.
  10. I see you don't get the idea of multiplayer gaming :)
  11. I can assure you that your dumb questions are not there.
  12. Did the graphic designer change? Is the whole game team new? (comparing to version 0.4.4)?
  13. gites filmik :D. czym to nagrywałeś? ty grasz na wm czy symbian?
  14. czytaj dokładnie. to opis poprzedniej wersji (0.4.4)
  15. Usunąłem postać bo mam na tym koncie wykupioną subskrypcję i się tylko marnowała :P. Zrobiłem Rangera i póki co mam 203 rep. Co mnie zaskoczyło to to, że w Firstborn biegają prawie sami Rangerzy :D. W party jest nas 6 i wszyscy z łukami ^^.
  16. There is no word which mentions that it's beta version so I believe it's not a beta test. By the way if it'd be beta then there would be no subscriptions I think.
  17. Add ONLINE PLAYERS LIST which would show name of the players, class and his rep points or rank. This would be very helpful in finding a team to kill boss monsters.
  18. z tego co pamiętam na początku też była taka opcja a po kilku dniach zniknęła. zadałem pytanie tutaj http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=104.0 zobaczymy co odpiszą.
  19. fajne screeny ale pasowałoby na forum miniaturki tego wrzucić bo zajmują pół ekranu i długo się ładują
  20. zapytam o to na angielskim forum ;) zobaczymy co odpiszą.
  21. Ja mam pacc ale jestem w Mountain Clans. Usuwam jednak postać i przenoszę się do was :).
  22. Phone - Nokia E51 Impressions - currently bad (because of client crashes, no skills, no free areas). I'm awaiting next updates! :)
  23. Server: Emerald Mountain Clans Rogue - Marcin rep. points 986 Stuck with ancient yeti quest and searching for a team :drinks: .
  24. Good move. It was very hard to find a team to kill some boss monsers. I'm stuck with quest for about 2 weeks because I can't find players who might help me. I hope it'll be much easier now.
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