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  1. Marcin

    XD I HAVE 3.5

    Proof. I had it scanned today and no viruses were found.
  2. Russian forum:http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=84700.0 Android link: http://mirror2.upwap.ru/d/3107088/126fbb7bdcc29bf1b24d5d00518e72af/Warspear+Online++3.5.0+SD.apk download on your own responsibility
  3. assuming unity sign comes from surprise chest only then no, i'm not joking.
  4. 30k gold + ~1k mc to create guild seems like world chat
  5. for really desperated people: http://rda.cellulardata.com/devices
  6. now tell us where u got 3.5 client
  7. does selecting warspear window work for you in bandicam? or did you select rectangle
  8. 4 skills depending on luck - welcome to f*ckmeleespear
  9. If that's true, well, finally some fun in warspear
  10. yeah, plenty of epic shit on his channel ;D some other stuff: wonder what they all smoke
  11. he's a ducking genius :lol: fight boobs with boobs
  12. Marcin

    Favorite Class

    Although melee completely suck in this game rogue will always be my favourite
  13. Dude where are boobs in ur avatar
  14. Killing them elves while waiting worth any minute :dirol:
  15. Camped there a while ago while leveling warlock and it was 25mins.
  16. Devs don't even seem to bother reasoning the shit changes they make :facepalm:
  17. Let's assume guilds are released and we can join/create guilds. What apart from that? Same regular routine for few weeks? Hope there's anything else coming, not just them guilds.
  18. Jeśli widzisz jakieś nieścisłości to pisz posta. To samo dotyczy leveli, chcesz aktualizacji - zgłaszaj.
  19. Out of boredom, recorded some arena stuff (like there's anything else to record) Warspear Online - Random arena on different chars
  20. You wouldn't laugh if you had played 0.4.4 version. Back then shamans & druids had this skill (could resurrect other players). Until devs noticed it could be a money machine :bomb:
  21. Even though you're all +9, +10 me, jonny and lone managed to kill you 3 out of the 9 times. Check this staff dude: All the good job was done by Spainstyle and Ktptn since you're a total shit randomly using your skills. Typical kiddo who thinks that amping his staff to +10 will make him a good player.
  22. What are you trying to insinuate? You act like you've invented "resillence usage", do you really believe no one before you used that? I told everyone? Yes, I guess I told few people, it's not in my nature to hide stuff before my friends, maybe it's common for you but I'm not that type. Stop thinking of yourself like a god, there were for sure some players using resillence before you on EU, not mentioning RU server where they were running with full res gears long before you noticed it could be beneficial.
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