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Droid device bug on new profile.


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Game client freeze aftr making new profile.

Freezes only if profile with 0 char inside. And i have to do force close. :wacko:

i gived my id to fren n he use pc client and make one char inside,after that i can login without screen freeze.if ppl hav no pc or fren n only mobile how to make new profile. :crazy:

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What kind of device are you using?

What's the OS version?

Did you download the latest game client?


OS Android ver.2.3.6 G.B

Game client ver 3.2.0

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im havein a problem (think same thing) while playing the game it will close an take me to the char menu, an wen i pick one it loadz but wont open as if i dont have connection or playin on 3G. (i can asure u i have my wifi on an full bars :lol: ) but to get it to work i have to turn off my phone completely an it



works. (also wen trying to switch my it happens so no solo farm for now  :cray: ) O an this is on a android (ill look an see wat kind :lol: )

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