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Can I make money doing this ?


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I hate farming. :bad:

I hate astral lab :bad:

I hate trying to get people involved with chainless to help others. to be fair the rewards just suck for the work you have to put into it. :bad:

I detest and abhor Island 3 that mindless teleporting armor breaking Jacked up pos island 3. :bad: :bad:

I still have to do dailies on island two to make money. and I actually like the questing as opposed to farming even. so can you do the dailies and gather the items and sell for profit instead of turning in for xp? do you know anyone who does this? and if so would charging 100 gold per xp point gained in the quest be a fair charge rate?

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when i do idols of darmah tribe(mcsaken) which has 10xp reward and need to collect 40 of idols then i go to market and see tht people sells 40 of them for only 600gold max.

Its pretty easy to gather the idols so thats why its cheaper than 1xp/100g.


Still you can get a little profit.  :good: or try harder collecting quest:D which are a pain in the *ss  :lol: to kill 100 pumas and get only 10 skulls for quest(and you need like 30):wacko:


Or... farm mobs lmao :crazy:

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I agree but at least I get to move around the farming is just so boring I can't stand it .the items that sell are hit and miss some quest item sells others don't I've been doing ok




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Lol, I don't really like blue quests they get boring after awhile, its just same quests over and over and over, they need to make new ones. :facepalm:



Agree!  :dirol:

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