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  1. I missclicked :facepalm: - I apologized :sorry: - the rude commentary afterwards - really? I have a nice big glass of stfu for you somewhere around here. :diablo: welcome to my ignore list- may Hoppz make pleasure with your hindquarters.
  2. 1v1 would be nice blue born has been pushing for this for ages as well.
  3. game time has been limited for me to the point of being unable to even keep up with burning the free arena tickets. :( I havent had time because I have been moving nto my new house :yahoo: Today I learned that dryers plug into two different kinds of wall outlets, the wall outlet at my new house was incompatable and I had to go to walmart at 9 oclock at night to get a new wire. :( I also managed to rewire my dryer without burning my new house down. :drinks: so I will try and burn arena tickets before bed tonight. hopefully my life will start settling down some and I can get back to busting heads soon. oh also level 10 paladin by the name of Godzhammer wanted to join.
  4. whoot 4 of us just obliterated a good portion of yer population there sulla :yahoo: dangerous little playthings we are. :diablo: Warning: improper use of paladin may result in contusions concussion, and abrasions. Wear proper personal protective equipment at all times. side effects of extended paladin use include bleeding, vomiting, and frequent headaches.
  5. Flametax said to give him 10k because he is in our guild. I dont have ten K I only have about 3k. I would consider giving flame ten k but I will most likely use that Ten K to furnish a crap load of leveling paladins on island one with it instead. In fact I had some good wars tonight I think tommorrow I am taking a trip to island one and helping level some paladins and give out some gear and do some recruiting.
  6. aaah war :drinks: its starting to happen with this whole guild thing.myself Elmasiso, oakcliff, itachifire, in the 5th slot we had gankz the mage, risenraves, and rakalf with us at different points in time. I think I got my kills for the strongest quest in about 15 minutes. battle after battle. MC after MC got flattened. I died the most out of anyone in the party I probably died two or three times. hell yes keep it up. keep our presence on this paladin board up and chatty. I get a lot out of this. tonight was the perfect example of how I could spend most nights in the game. I got some questing done, made a little money, and then marched into battle. fn awesome. I want more. I want more battles I want more paladins in our guild. think of it guys every time you log in BOOM 4 paladins your level are on and ready to kill bosses and rape MC. currently I cant organize more than my friendslist worth of paladins so if anyone is willing to donate their friend list to recruiting more paladins I think we need to start adding more paladin brothers onto your individual friend lists. how we can do this is you tell me if you have any paladins in your friend list that are not on our roster at the front of the thread and I will add them if they want to join in. if every paladin on my friend list has a few paladin members on theirs and they have some on theirs we can grow beyond the limitations of this short A$$ friend list. primarily a guild is a group of people with a common interest so if you would like to add a player send me a message in game or in the game or even on this forum and I will add them to the roster at the front. I cant add any more to my friend list to grow it you guys will have to recruit if were getting any bigger. good night all thank you for an epic hunting session.
  7. heh heh you kicked arse today good job ganks. the video is good to.
  8. derp a derp n I'm kill you n derp gangsta pimpin derp whut am rogue and derp think im tough derp n my hat is on backwards cuz whut? :tease: please hunt me with your rogue, get looney bin back and hunt me too I would love to show you my new upgrades :diablo: :pleasantry: dafuq u think ur legit but ur just anotha fake rollin on noobs puffin that chest . :pleasantry:
  9. yes if you can block the bridge now I'll give you props .
  10. ok good night 5 out of 6 arena won. good job Elves. Recruited a new member by the name of flametax welcome aboard. I am not sure he knows if he has been added. I asked him and he said yes but I dont speak spanish so I didnt understand the rest. I think Nechroz explained it to him. We went to lake. it was great just so happened there were two other full parties getting ready to go and we fell in with them. no sneaking no messing around it was CHOOO CHOOO thump thump (MC) CHOO CHOOOO (thump thump thump) ah lake CHOOO CHOOO (THUD) and BAM mission was accomplished. massively out geared, massively outnumbered MC had no chance at stopping us we took lake hard, fast, and dirty. Flametax, Nechroz, Dahulu, and Bladepro, dang good job guys :drinks: and to the rest of elves it was nice to see us all working together you all rock. :drinks: :clapping:
  11. Flametax welcome aboard. I am not sure you speak english ;D just so you know you have been invited into the knights templar order of the infinite war. ;D so you would like to join? yes? :clapping: er no no espanol ::) mm hmm yes ::) ok now sign here in case of severe injury... ::) mm hmm goood ok do you agree to help lower level paladins by killing bosses for them some ? ::) awesome ok now do you currently have or have you in the past formed any strong bonds with any MC in which you would feel conflicted should you have to purify.... ::) uhm yes MC ... good .. kk sign here ::) ok then welcome aboard nice to have you in our ranks. ;D no no sorry I dont speak espanol. ;D
  12. SNP - "warlocks are not OP" / waves hand. Balinor - "shamans are not OP" / waves hand. Bramm - "im a paladin b****h your jedi mind tricks wont work on me."
  13. lol fast :shok: my internet is crap. its one of the reasons I made a paladin ;D
  14. "And guys understand warlock so hard. BD piece of cake. Cast a ham on the warlock who allergic of hams, kill him in 0-4 hits which are possible in the time hamstring is on." oooooooooooh now I get it I'm supposed to hit the warlock. well hells bells I have been totally messing that up. I am so glad you put in that brilliant f*****g strategy. god I am so dumb I wish I was smart like you.
  15. I can tell a huge difference already. ;D this is great. :clapping: now you will have to work for it MC.
  16. went slow for me last night too. I cant really give advice about the armor I went with all arena armor for the resiliance just based off the assumption that it would be good for pvp. I also stacked attributes that were on that armor. not saying that that is the best answer though. I tried to help oakcliff grantiuna rakalf and a druid named gravair but the parties kept disentegrating and everyone was spread out and ineffective, on the plus side we got 4 out of 5 wins in the random 5v5 arena.
  17. you ok blue? */feels forehead for temperature* uhm yes I was talking to looney. I know your getting up there in years brother but try and keep up ;D
  18. ALthough with the new changes I'm about to start ramping up chainless missions again I have to explore all the new bridges and quests and quest rewards. I cant wait.
  19. Damn you pegged it. I am horrified to go onto MC turf. thats exactly why I dont go. nothing to do with the fact that it is one of the most inefficent sources of income and experience in the game for elf side.maybe I should go with you and you could teach me how to fight MC!! ;D I bet your the best pvper ever. :aggressive: :aggressive: you should take me with you sometime and teach me how to pvp and do chainless. :)
  20. That was some epic critical thinking on deciding to build those bridges. you did not weaken necros or shamans in a one on one situations but you prevented them from being op at holding the bridge. :clapping: you did not directly influence my paladins strength but by allowing me more maneuverability you gave me a much better chance of flanking them and contributing to the fight. :clapping: In seeking balance tough decisions will have to be made but I have just gained a ton of faith that you guys are going to do really well at it in the long run. :clapping: :yahoo: "In the US scientest spent millions creating a pen that would write in space. the Russians brought a pencil." :friends: I had 500 ideas of how to balance crap out but giving us less bottlenecks to contend with is the perfect solution .mind is blown. thank you so much for letting me go around the pool and crack skulls. :clapping: I also want to thank you for increasing the rewards on some of the pvp related quests. I live for pvp but the quest rewards made it a losing proposition. I have yet to research the money to be made but if I can make a little gold and get stronger while helping allies do pvp missions then I'll probably be in this game till I die. :yahoo: You guys just reinvigorated my game play with those two simple steps. :yahoo: :friends: :yahoo: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  21. I have supported your idea and hope you get your wish blue. :clapping: I would even like to duel you if it was a fair set up like a 1v1 arena.
  22. WoW epic MC hunting party tonight. :clapping: The rewards for completing the pvp quests seem to have been bumped up.. awesome. :clapping: they added in bridges allowing for more flanking attacks.. awesome. :clapping: (mc ...you may just be in a little trouble now without bottlenecks your warlocks and necros are much more vulnerable.) :aggressive: Myself, Oakcliff,Dangah,Dislady,and... damn forgot his/her name , he/she was a very good druid. killed the bejesus out of some MC. took granite guard twice. took solar lunar. and put a good size dent in the population of a small MC village. the kill count is crazy high. no idea. :wacko: aaah Bramm is happy :drinks: had some good wars for the first time in a long time. (oh and got about 4 out of 5 wins in the arena.) :good:
  23. ooooh with the advent of more bridges MC and chosen may have been put on a a more even footing. also the pvp related rewards seem to have been upped. this will require more investigation.
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