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  1. In which server are u playing? maybe I can help you
  2. Hopees

    Photo Spam

    Its just a phone game :dirol:
  3. End of the world?? :shok: Ill waste all my money in MCs... Sureee! :pleasantry: What do you think about this thing? It will be just a normal day, :drinks:
  4. Hopees

    I am fat

    :) ;D :rofl: :rofl:
  5. I think that only when you're playing in a PC, I have tried on android and ipad and I cant
  6. Here :good: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=76197.0
  7. Hopees

    Free MCs

    Im loving the weekends of double MCs just downloading free apss. :yahoo:
  8. Hopees


    Aw youre so cute ;D
  9. Hopees


    You're wrong :blush:
  10. Im from America but I play on Eu Emerald :diablo:
  11. Hopees

    Hi !

    Hola! y bienvenido ojala te diviertas y hagas muchos amigos, yo soy de mexico ::)
  12. Hopees

    Mexican Girl

    Yes, Im not ugly anymore :crazy: Yes, Hopees ;D
  13. Hi, is there some item, maybe boots, that increase your speed? I mean walking speed? Thanks ::)
  14. Hopees

    Mexican Girl

    I just wanna thank Vanityx, because shes always helping me and shes a really good friend :blush:
  15. YOOO! Hopees agregenme :blush:
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