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AAAAH kk i was wondering why you called me a noob out of nowhere lol



Lol it took you a while lmao can u believe we actually killed that ♥♥♥♥♥ but he didnt drop diddly squat

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I have level 5 aura level 5 heals

600 heals without

800 with. (high crit level 18 astral jewelry and cloak)

mid level crit is 300 without 400 with

base heal is 200 without 300 with

not only that I have to be able to see both life bars to decide who gets the heal

I only get one or two heals in most matches. If I cant see my partners life bar I just hold it for myself. a big old 800 hp heal crit can turn a match sometimes. If I am trying to move or whatever I cant mouse over to check your life easily.

generally if were both on the verge of death and my partner does more damage he will get the last heal.

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