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Angler Head

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Back Story:

Polished with the incantations of his final breath, the suit was a gift of a dying mage to his adorable pet fish...


Angler Head.png

original size: height 66 - width 44


Angler Head x4.png

enlarged photo: x4


Name: Angler Head

Type: Healer



The Suit was created out of old swimming gear, a rubber suit with metal buttons, big black gloves and boots

On top of the suit is a fish tank with the mage pet inside of it, i thought of the fish swimming inside the tank but that was hard for me to do...

The water in the tank is transparent allowing to see stuff through it.


How the fish could control the suit you ask?

No one know's, all we know is that the fish is happy




Bubble Bath:

Cover the Master with 10 Bubbles that pop up every few second healing the master for an amount of his max health with each pop

for each attack on the master the bubbles will pop abruptly.


Angler Light:

the Angler Head will shine its antenna light so bright it will mess with enemy vision reducing all enemy accuracy around the Angler Head



The Angler Head wash the master with a stream of water removing any negative debuffs on them


Grace of the Sea:

Shot with a high pressured beam of water strong enough to cut diamonds, dealing damage to an enemy


Character: Ogull



Sorry for going over the height and width recommendation, i needed more space to work with >.<

i hope it doesn't disqualify me...


Have a nice day:love1:

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