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Seeker PvP/PvE

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Hello everybody! :flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

For fun I've made a Seeker and bought the great relic that consumes less mana on the auto attack skill (I don't remember the name). 

I keep it level 10 and I have all equips with % hp, a pair of kris, an horror amulet with hp amd I'll make cloak and rings. 

My seeker shield is 5/5 (+35% of attack if it reach 10 points) and damage skill 3/5. 

My question is: Is it good for both pvp and pve if well amplified (around +7)? 

Some of my friends adviced me that ranger is better because it has stun and Seekers don't. 

Thank you in advance! 

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Que bom que você criou esse tópico! Eu tenho a mesma dúvida...

Eu estou desde ontem perguntando de tempos em tempos no global se para jogar PvP/PvE é melhor criar um seeker ou um ranger, mas não recebi boas respostas...

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17 minutes ago, Kaesarz said:
it's great that you like the seeker ..:greedy:

the only bad thing is that the seeker is still easily dominated by other classes

and so far I have not seen anyone use the new skill of increasing CD:sad1:


Well, at begin I thought to max out it but I already have three of my good equipped heroes lvl28 and I wouldn't like to spend more gold for another hero. 

However I'll use it only for fun like arena and dungeons.

I'm looking towards to see it good amplified (+7 each equip) and enchanted ready to break the first map even if it'll be hard to. 

This Seeker will be a sort of Liidert's mini version :haha:

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19 hours ago, Joelozd said:

yo también tengo un seeker desde hace mas de un año lvl 28 y lo que es seguro es que fácilmente pierde contra otros :imdead:

algún día Quizás, si asi los Gm lo desean y verdaderamente me gustaria :nonono: el seeker sera mejor :kawaii:

Yo lo espero por vosotros tambien 😉

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