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  1. Dahuyu

    I've had enough

    This explains the seeker's failure in PVP.When I hit the boss, I saw that MC had to run away.Because the seeker cannot PVP.It was a very funny joke.
  2. Dahuyu

    I've had enough

    Is the seeker designed with his feet?All skills are copied from others!!!When we don't know?Of the 13 skills, only three are practical!Have you used the seeker PVP?Have you used it?used???As a seeker player I am very disappointed。byebye seeker
  3. When will you resolve the seeker's mana cost?
  4. The seeker requires 6 mana per second to drain, and if I participate in a 10-minute copy, I consume 3600mp in that time, which is crazy
  5. Dahuyu

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    I don't even know how long I can keep playing Full of disappointment with the seeker
  6. Every two seconds the seeker needs 12 mana,maybe GM means seekers don't need skills hh。
  7. Dahuyu

    Seeker PvP/PvE

    The seeker is pretty rubbish at PVP,but it's very strong in PVE Most of my friends have given up playing seeker,hopefully GM will strengthen the seeker
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