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Dealing with AFKers in events


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For everyone that understand this. Do you know how to teamwork as much as possible. There will be a whole army running with you and as soon as you get to the area. Only 5% out of the army is actively working there asses off to pass the event. Whether war or just time trial event. These players aren't afk, they aee sitting back watching becuase they feel as though enough of us are handling it. But we aren't cuz 40 out of 50 players are sitting back while the rest cant even hold off a full force of whatever the event is. Need a number requirement of participation for these events. 


I have made a way to fix this.


-Give a counter of all the people in the area of event.


If there is 20 people, say 20 people


-Based on the event type give a number of participants in the area needed (required) to pass event


If 19 people are needed with interaction, in a different color, say 19 needed with interaction for this event.


-Now here is the part that is good. Players will go afk. Give the ability to players mark those AFKers. With a a numver of AFK reported.


-Have a condition statement that tests if they are indeed interacting (attacking) with event mobs or other opponent players. if not interacting....make the players be sent to MAP 1 WITH NO ABILITY TO TELEPORT BACK TO EVENT ISLAND. THEY HAVE TO PAY THE FEE TO VOYAGE BACK TO ISLAND WHERE EVENT IS TAKING PLACE.

have the players be marked full body red. 


I understand there is a system whereas ppl can hit mobs and then walk away and sit still with interaction active. time for a change in the system then. If the devs think its too much. I can code them this entire thing right now in there preferred programming language. 


This may not solve the AFK problem. But at least the feeling of punishment is helpful (If it seems a little too forceful send them back to t1 of event map. If your not gonna help. Dont come and waste no one elses time. 

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I totally support your idea of giving *some* punishment for AFKers during events/arenas. But I don't believe our devs will mark players' nicknames in red..ever, this is reserved for the GM. I love the idea of sending those lazy guys elsewhere, so they have to run back to the event area (this could reduce a big amount of afk players). 

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An easier way to deal with afk is adding aoe dmg to an area where a player have been standing for a little too long :pin3:

Ok that was a joke, and imo I dont agree with afk punishment because that will definitely be abused. And sometimes people are at work or busy irl but they still want buffs so its a little bit unfair to them.

However the best way to deal with this is to give more/better rewards to those active in events (or in war as well). I'm sure the devs can think of something. 

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Don't need everyone to act!
Sometimes you want to attack the target but you can't attack it.
Because the target is dead.
The content of the event is not big.

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