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  1. Don't need everyone to act! Sometimes you want to attack the target but you can't attack it. Because the target is dead. The content of the event is not big.
  2. EU-EMERALD Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day Only 1 time today Did not reappear after 4hours
  3. Dynamic event Did not reappear after the last 4 hours Only one event per day
  4. World dynamic event “The last in the bloodline” After the last last event Reappear in 4 hours?
  5. Believe me, Warlock can't win bd now.Every occupation has natural enemiesBut now bd is invincible
  6. Current version for fairness. Officials should ban the use of these accessories in the arena. Why do you think I envy lvl10?
  7. Bd under the same equipment, any occupation is difficult to win him. Bd winning rate is very high In the 3x3 or 2x2 has no balance
  8. @Reivenorik You should delete them by the way For the fair 9-10 arena
  9. -15%-20%-25%? Increase HP and reduce energy. But careful calculation is to increase energy is not reduced. The meaning of the minus sign What does it mean if it is not reduced? @Higgings
  10. @ Jcbreff Arena buff should reduce energy by 15%. How can it increase?
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