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Small question about "Dark Shield".


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in accordance with his armor

What is the parameter that takes into account on the armor? The level, the amount of defense it does have or the combination of both? Does somebody know? I wanna know if using an high lvl armor, like lvl 23 with less defense than a lvl 15 will make the skill better when it works, will make it ignore more damage or the lvl 15 will be better, 'cos it has more defense. Maybe it's a stupid question, cos duck the level of your armor, maybe the level matters :fool:



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level, and armor they both matter

i'm not really sure and i assure you no one does, the devs are not much of a talkers about numbers

as far as i understand, level will only increase the chance for the skill to work with your armor, which surprisingly they talked about it and the chance for success at 5/5 is 80%

unless they change it without telling us, ofc the more defense you have the more damage the skill will ignore, leveling it will only increase the chance of that happening 

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