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  1. An animation or something in the buff/debuff bar, like the ability's buff icon but in other color to indicate that it's on cooldown.
  2. What is the parameter that takes into account on the armor? The level, the amount of defense it does have or the combination of both? Does somebody know? I wanna know if using an high lvl armor, like lvl 23 with less defense than a lvl 15 will make the skill better when it works, will make it ignore more damage or the lvl 15 will be better, 'cos it has more defense. Maybe it's a stupid question, cos duck the level of your armor, maybe the level matters
  3. LOL, they better give one of these in the Charmer's novice kit or people will get Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. I feel you, man. Happened to me a few times, even thought I'm not old in the game, I've noticed it. I don't think they can change it, unless if they make the periodic damage stop when you change area.
  5. I'd love to have books as gifts, crowd control is not trustable anymore xD This thing costs to high for what it does, please
  6. Not 10%. If you die to an enemy, it doesn't lower the durability by 10% like mobs do, maybe 1%, because you're taking damage, but not 10%.
  7. Legal Mais towers pra eu nunca ser chamado e atrações que dão míseros pontos da sorte quando vc precisa de muitos pra algo legal
  8. Mas o problema é esse, ela reduz. É como se eu ganhasse 15% de redução de cooldown em todas as habilidades mesmo elas estando inativas, mas eu entendi, o propósito é só reduzir o cooldown da habilidade que tem a relíquia. Obrigado pelo esclarecimento.
  9. Então, eu comprei uma pequena relíquia de cooldown e coloquei na habilidade "Emanar da escuridão", do Cavaleiro das trevas. Eu quero entender como exatamente o efeito dela funciona, pois ela me dá 15% de cooldown por 10 segundos, isso é meio confuso. Isso faz com que as minhas habilidades em cooldown perca 15% do tempo de cooldown? Faz com que apenas as habilidades que eu ativar durante os 10 segundos tenham 15% a menos de cooldown? Ou essa relíquia é inútil e quando os 10 segundos acabam as habilidades ficam com o mesmo cooldown de antes?
  10. I know that, but when this skill is activated, I can't know if the 90 secs passed or not. I just want something showing when it's up or the 90 secs in countdown somewhere
  11. This is kind of dumb that I have to count the coodlown of a skill. Do I seriously have to play a game with a chronometer to know if my skill is off cooldown? Or lower the cooldown of this skill to 10, easier to count hehehe /s
  12. There's a little thing that's bothering me. When you click on the MENU, the game freezes for like 0.5 secs and then it opens. And it happens to anything you click on the MENU as well, it freezes a bit and then opens. The only problem I'm having, despite this everything is fine. I love the music, btw. Feels naked in the jungle
  13. Got this. A really bad exchange compared to losing HP for heal and life steal. Thanks for the answer
  14. I'm not a Warden or even an elf, but why the Warden skill "Switchero" slows the Warden down? What's the point ?
  15. Me. Now it's saying that I need to get an updated version of it
  16. Or just decrease the drop rate of everything possible to 0 during war, even the amp rate.
  17. Lmao. Nerf on the Warden's damage Yeah, 'cos everyone was complaining about Wardens killing towns. Gotta nerf those assassins
  18. That's ok. They won't change it, cause this whole game is bugged. All I wanted to say is that in every pvp game that I've played, when you're rooted, you can still auto attack and use skills, but it's different here. Like, I'm not favoring MCs, but every one is saying : "Huh, you want to nerf elves, then nerf this fromm MCs". I'm not someone that hate elves. I don't have a long time playing. I just thought it wasn't fair to be unable to use shield and heal while rooted. But, yeah, if there's unfair thing in both sides, that's ok. It's a braindead pvp. Just amp +10 and kill who has lowers amps or make a Warlock and full control your opponent with unpredictable skills and say you're better than them. I got this, they won't change anything. SORRY FOR BOTHERING.
  19. Do you want the skills to come with tips? Use this against this and things like that? XD I assume you've never played a real PVP game.
  20. This is not about the name, but the function. This skill should be only to keep melee attackers away, since they need to get close to you. It should be useless against any ranged attacker. But the problem is, it is being good against both. You can't suffer damage while in nightmare, but in the "root" druids have it's different.
  21. I'm to comparing Necro with Druid, only the skills.
  22. That's what I meant by saying they do whatever they want with the skills. There's no rule they need to follow, but to make it fair, I think they should follow this rule. I don't think it's fair to be killed without any chances of defending myself. I just think I should be able to heal or shield while "rooted". About the Wikipedia page, it's just a complement, because I've played a lot of pvp games where roots are as the page describes.
  23. No. Not the name, but the skill. If it's a root and not a stun, there are reasons. Like the necro's Nightmare skill, it disables you, but you can't suffer damage and there's a reason to it. I'm just saying the skill is doing two things, rooting and silencing what's the same thing as stunning. If the enemy can keep auto attacking, idk, because I die without doing anything.
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