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Ask the moderator to reply, about PVP

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As you can see, we know that some players want to get PVP scores by opening multiple accounts. What I want to know is whether this will lead to a blockade of the game account. I'm a fan from China. I hope the moderator can reply, thank you.

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Hello there!


So, according to EULA, every player has the right to have 2 accounts, with 8 characters each. If you mean that you know about some people who share their account to win the arena, or the same player creating multiple accounts, in order to create also an AFK Party which allows him to win the arena, then I may advise you to gather as much screenshots as you can, which prove what you are stating, and send everything to [email protected]

Mind they may take from 5 to 14 working days to reply


However, if this player asks to some others to create an AFK party for him ( using their own accounts/characters ), even if it is very unfair, it goes not against any Rule. 


Hope I have been clear :)


Good luck! :bye:

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