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  1. MCoins in China

    I am a Chinese player
  2. About team copy

    getting players go to dg same as arena,and the match can be entered without the world shouting match,bcz its an international game after all,there are many language barriers ,so ppl dont have to waste their energy
  3. About team copy

    You still don't understand what I mean...
  4. About team copy

  5. About team copy

    Just like PVP, match your teammates into the copy
  6. About team copy

    Can we change the copy to match the mechanism like the arena, This makes it easier for new players to form teams, and older players don't waste energy. So people don't end up doing nothing all day. Please refer to and reply to me, thank you
  7. guild storage thief!!

    Excuse me, are you playing on Us server? I want to add your game friend
  8. As you can see, we know that some players want to get PVP scores by opening multiple accounts. What I want to know is whether this will lead to a blockade of the game account. I'm a fan from China. I hope the moderator can reply, thank you.