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Skill builds

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When i see skill builds below i ask myself ..are they upto date seeing their've been several updates?

..dates of suggested builds below are over 6+ months old.

..any Pve pvp build recommendations ??

Help would be appreciated....


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On 18.2.2018 at 6:26 AM, Kilo said:

eh you can do  3/5 time warp 5/5 shattered stone 5/5 sun armor

I wouldn't waste that many points on sun armor.:unsure:


I'm running


3/5 fire ball

3/5 sun armor

4/5 shattered

4/5 warp

4/4 eye

4/4 barrier


as my PvE build. Now someone will question my lv3 fire ball, but I'm actually building those up on my relic set up as well. They support each others so dmg skills are pretty much balanced. That and high skill cooldown gets me pretty high dps.:kill-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


And PvP I'm going with few different builds actually, depending on what I'm focused on doing. Mostly I'm running


5/5 fire ball

5/5 shattered stones

3/5 chains

4/4 ennoblement

4/4 barrier


But remember that mage can be built quite few different ways, and for different purposes. So I'd say you should decide the stat build and purpose you're building your mage up on, and then create the skill build so it supports the stats and stuff you're doing. 


Hope I helped you out anyway! :flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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forgot to mention stuff

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