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Addition to crafting system


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Like in "sandbox mmorpg's" they call, we should be able collect stuff on the world and use them for making gears,potions. These can be wood, stone, metal, leather for gear and flowers and herbs for potions. There can be a refining system where you have to work on these materials to get more quality materials for better gears. Different areas in arinar can generate more resources than others, for example area near black elm can be rich in wood. The guild castles can have blacksmiths and other npcs for making the gears. They would cost a little gold and time to make, and whoever controls the castle can get tax from it. There can be scrolls like in normal crafting sodl with mcoins for better performance and a choice to finish the job with mcoins. I always like sandbox mmorpg's i think it can be good.

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Agreed, a collecting system would be cool.
I have suggested a collecting system within my Alchemy System suggestion, check it out.


We already have tons of collectable trash items from quests that are 90% useless that could be used as collectables for crafting.

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