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Priest-PVE build-need help vith gear,setup and viable options


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so i vas vandering...could anyone tell me about viable build options for pve??and give me an insight on ur opinion and the build ur suggesting?im making a priest for nov so that i can  :dirol:  :diablo:  :bomb:  dungeons ;D .


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Most of priest have same build in PvE

basic skills:

5/5 harad's tear,

5/5 healing touch,

3/5 or 5/5 holy shield

Maximize healing touch and harad's tear first because maximize holy shield in early level will cost much MP and low level have low mana regen.


expert skills:

Valor Aura (you won't be invited in dungeon if you don't have valor aura) buy and maximize this first after you reach level 18-22

redemption (sometimes it won't heal because screenbug)



mystic mark (only good if enemies have high hp like boss, bad for farming mobs)



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so is choosing priest even  a good idea...?


 dude.. is a suicide even a good idea? those questions.. make the char, try it and you will see. It's better then starting 5 random threads about some crap..

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