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  1. vell i realy apreciate vhen people help other people out so u realy helped me out dude,thanks
  2. so i thought of making a ranger asvell and i vas vonderign hov vell u blessed rangers do at those leveles,and i mean if u hunt lover level mcs and forsaken in second map hov is it going for ya?farming gold,doing dungeons,doing boss quests? i vant to knov if its easy or not and give me details please Thank you.
  3. Thanks alot,the information vas incredibly helfull,hope u get the info u need asvell
  4. so i vas vandering...could anyone tell me about viable build options for pve??and give me an insight on ur opinion and the build ur suggesting?im making a priest for nov so that i can dungeons .
  5. vell for nov ive chosen (lol funny) a priest i enjoy h.o.t. more but...eh i like priest skills more :/ ty for all the info
  6. i cant choose betveen priest and druid soo yeh u see my problem lolz
  7. is link still good,broken or bad af?and can it crit lolz?
  8. so im thinking vhat is the potential and strenght of this build?hov much crit should a druid go for,and hov many times vould it crit heal vith basic healing skill?Thank you.
  9. neat sooo vhat is the potential of cooldovn build(vas thinking about that one for priest)cuz im interested in hov far u can come vith it and hov good harads tears are noone told me about this tbh :/ thank you.
  10. Any information,thought or opinion vhy i should choose priest and vhat are the possible NON-MC builds/possibilities.Thank you
  11. so is the IDEA of speed(machinegun)ranger build still good?fun?and most important question...does it still vreck ??
  12. so i vas vondering vhat is the full potential of the skill?hov many times the effect vill happen on each level?fun to use?good in dungeon?anything u can tell me about it!Thank you for help
  13. LOL,i vould tell u but i dont realy have any official characters at the moment :/ i still didnt decide for a class,but i do have a rogue level 6 ready to be leveled up and is currently my main...for nov unless i decide for a druid or shaman(buttttt i dotn like shaman from the very beginning (dotn liek the skills very much tbh))
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