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All, i have suggestion for add new features craft elements for weapon. Its like perocity but its make random damage for PvE or PvP.

Each element has weaknesses and strengths. Fire > Water > Wind > Earth > Fire


Example : if i have element WATER PvP with someone have element FIRE my damage will increases ?%. How if FIRE vs WIND ? its same damage. If FIRE vs NO ELEMENTS ? FIRE will increases dmg ?%.


Now how about PvE ? gm must add elements for mob or boss.


how to craft weapon with element ? Add new item features craft elements and u can get element item from dg or boss like essense or catalyst.


Notice : elements FIRE vs WATER not make fire low dmg like perocity but will make water have more dmg ;-)

Ty and sorry bad english

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Yeah like the game isn't enough complicated after Ferocity and Resiliance change so u suggest to bring in water fire wind in it bro pls leave it as it is.

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We had 4 magic types before and they were united in 1.

Holy shit, I had totally forgotten about that. Now that you mentioned it, I remeber collecting items with sun damage (or whatever priest/mage dmg was called) from the dealer right after reading the announcement whixh I then sold post rework for good money. Good business, hehe...


And please, no more complicated stats. It is fine as it is.

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