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  1. Dear developers of Arinar I suggest u make solo dungeons for upcoming event of Halloween and please make drop possible from 2 lvls bellow char level I mean if there are dungeons lvl 28 24 20 then make possibility for lvl 22 to get drop from lvl 20 dungeons because many players are not strong enough to go higher lvl or make dungeons for all lvls 1-28 it can be one entrance but u can select ur lvl like in termitary, garden, tree dungeons but instead of (easy, normal, hard, heroic) selection will be 1-28 that way there will be no pressure on low amplified players to fight higher dungeon. Regards
  2. Lol compare druid stun to warlock stun u even think that druid is longer stun? Druid can root for about 5 seconds and then water 1.5 seconds and forest song for ur info even 4/4 not 100% work and its definately un effective against ranged dmgers cuz u cant get in 1 meter radius to any other or even if u can and u see 1 meter cuz of screen lag sometimes its 3 meter so impossible and even if song works u will be waiting for enemy to get out of effect for next attack or u will ruin ur song effect on other hand warlock can area stun and then can fear stun if he gets heal too I am sure no one can d
  3. So u mean lvl 6 and lvl 21 should have same resi? what about phsycal and magical defence? cuz it also is different so u want to give high and low lvl same that too? Low resi mean lvl 6 cant pvp lvl 21 but if u see it wouldnt be fair with lvl 21 if both same and also for lvl 6 pvp is other lvl 6 so if low resi then enemy has low cricital and low dmg so its perfect balance I guess.
  4. Its hard to battle cuz of ppl spamming lifescrolls its making war unbalanced 3 rogues took our flag down last time no matter what u do u cant stop 1 hit in 1 lifescroll.
  5. Can anyone tell me how cool down works? My priest has 30% cool down and healing skill get from 8 secs to 6.1 and I thought at 30% it will be 5.6 seconds to cool down so any help how to count correctly? Also my craft staff 22 took 5 set signs to go from +4 to +5 mean 49 fails is it normal or craft weapon low chance to amp or what? cuz my arena staff took 1 set +1 to +6.
  6. You should probably also nerf Technopolis easy a little bit it needs very very very op druid like 5k hp and 550+ magic to do it with priset 500+ and 30+ cooldown and very very op tanks. Althought mcs Shaman totem can do it easily and barbarian with good Last wish skill and dk too can do it so pls take a not of it!
  7. Yeah like the game isn't enough complicated after Ferocity and Resiliance change so u suggest to bring in water fire wind in it bro pls leave it as it is.
  8. I deposited 1 set stam elixir too U can ask Reinyk and Twrecker they were online while I deposit. And my brother Xwickedeye not Ghealer friend or scammer he just pm u cuz he was going to spam dg but anyway I guess he made mistake to trust Ghealer and tell u to make him explorer but well I paid for his mistake so we are all happy now. @}-
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