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Check out this Warspear Logic Problem! Your replys will actualy help me, so give it a try please:


Panchens has 1 piece of each of this runes and crystals in his bag:


Rune of Defence

Rune of Magical Defence

Rune of Fortitude (HP)

Rune of Healing (HP regen)

Rune of Reflection (Parry)

Rune of Shielding (Block)

Rune of Evasion (Dodge)


Crystal of Harmony (MANA regen)

Crystal of Wisdom (MANA)

Crystal of Dexterity (Attack speed)

Crystal of Deadliness (Critical hit)

Crystal of Accuracy

Crystal of Permeation


As Panchens isn't rich, he doesn't have too many bag slots, so getting all this runes and crystals left his bag almost full. He only has 3 slots left in his bag. Being poor also stops him from buying more than 3 items. So now he's wondering:


How can I, the mighty Panchens, use all my enhancements if i can only have 3 items?


So, this is how this problem works.. you pick 3 items and see if all of those runes/crystals can be used in those items.

For example: Cloak, Helmet, Ammy won't work because Panchens can use dexterity crystals in none of them.

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Well... i use the runes/crystals i get from Norlant Swamps and daily chests to get Crystalization III and Runes ABCs III done, so i need to keep trash items in my bag to use those enchants. I was just trying to figure out a way to keep the less items possible in my bag. 

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