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Regeneration Ability vs Enemy Attack Speed


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Most of melee enemies such as human type with weapon on hand (two handed or single handed or two weapons) have attack speed of 1.7 (like rogue in mountain class).

This conclusion got from my experience.



Regeneration ability show that certain number of points (depend on your regeneration number) added to your current hit points every 5 seconds, its means with speed of 5.

In other words you will regenerate every 3 hits got from the enemy (assumed the enemy attack speed is 1.7).



For example your regeneration ability is 60 and enemy regular hit damage is 20. In this case you will kill the enemy without any scratch at the end of combat.



If the enemy is an archer type or mage type, the attack speed is around 3

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I agree with this entirely. The more regeneration you have the more likely you are to survive especially if you are soloing.


Love the potions :yahoo:

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