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1st try of getting back Acc after 1year off... EU Emerald (Idassile)

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Hi there,

After my phone crash over year ago i tought there's no way to get my acc back w/o registered email.
Nowdays i think maybe becouse of "autumn blues" i decide to test my luck and recover my acc. got 6 chars 2 high/mid lvls and most important to me 4x lvl 6 arena fighters including Idassile - my beloved bd and greate arena fighter.
I've already sent a ticket request about it and describe there my whole story. Atm im trying restore data from any devices i have left and i ever played WS on. Hope so i will get it back one way or another. :( Ofc im rdy to answer some gm's/admins question about my acc any time they want via email.

Guys wish me luck!

Łukasz (Idassile) EU Emerald

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