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[2024.05.08] Spring Dungeon Speedrun Records!

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Sorcerers of Arinar!


With a keen mind and a deep sense of both the looming challenges and your own abilities, you are perfectly poised to claim a dungeon record! The time has come to announce this spring's champions :happiness-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


Here’s the rundown on the swiftest adventures who completed the Bouncy Hut VII dungeon in record time:

icon_class_08.png.e36f3ebbda1fcf417ac93dfe92a8c4ee.png Paladin, Lifchik (RU-Amber) - 1 min 49 sec

icon_class_07.png.c81e9c7d232aaa07665c4d1e399a5b36.png Mage, Semezkiy (RU-Topaz) - 1 min 34 sec

icon_class_09.png.f2294b3bad3d284a22ea565d814c3ca7.png Priest, Vava (EU-Emerald) - 1 min 54 sec

icon_class_15.png.56c8b4201076f5786fcc17969defd7d4.png Seeker, Gztampi (RU-Ruby) - 1 min 46 sec

icon_class_17.png.aed6a21f6c51c6acbbd01e0cad273f74.png Templar, Balls (EU-Emerald) - 2 min 5 sec


icon_class_12.png.c86e9114ac5e216ee0b9ea0d7ba80f04.png Blade Dancer, Perkele (EU-Emerald) - 1 min 36 sec

icon_class_10.png.c2a92fed9804c28be5a6f7d4a8efc47c.png Ranger, Pretoncio (BR-Tourmaline) - 1 min 56 sec

icon_class_11.png.b48d1ef6f5d0be886771259994729a82.png Druid, Bored (EU-Emerald) - 1 min 46 sec

icon_class_16.png.ab70cc31187d39ca6bec188a5e38d835.png Warden, Bezumiye (RU-Amber) - 2 min 22 sec

image.png Beastmaster, Alangmat (RU-Amber) - 1 min 42 sec


icon_class_04.png.47ecba12c421a737987a4d6d9c410cf7.png Barbarian, Sadust (RU-Ruby) - 1 min 50 sec

icon_class_05.png.58d8d785880d6ec19341d9ebaf9826a5.png Rogue, Duolingo (SEA-Pearl) - 1 min 42 sec

icon_class_06.png.ed2f7f1ef26d1fb00e7d4e69113c6033.png Shaman, Solo (EU-Emerald) - 1 min 42 sec

icon_class_14.png.5c14c93f1b504abd1ed619412fb366c6.png Hunter, Biomysor (RU-Ruby) - 1 min 51 sec

icon_class_18.png.a5a45049106b0017a620ef07a59d3442.png Chieftain, Satan (US-Sapphire) - 1 min 35 sec


icon_class_02.png.dcdade2d03789f8ba1bfa327270b5d3f.png Death Knight, Ytophan (RU-Ruby) - 2 min 3 sec

icon_class_03.png.6f867129d2eb6dbeec1fc3c1967964b9.png Warlock, Daycream (RU-Ruby) - 1 min 46 sec

icon_class_01.png.a645710587e9ad937343bfb454bb8b89.png Necromancer, Justnekr (RU-Ruby) - 1 min 50 sec

icon_class_13.png.b74a77ee9c7011778f0096cdecafa184.png Charmer, Itewin (RU-Ruby) - 1 min 45 sec

image.png Reaper, Napoleon (RU-Amber) - 1 min 54 sec

The marathon record for the longest dungeon run goes to Paladin Miui (RU-Amber) - 2 h 0 min 30 sec!


All hail the champions! As a token of honor, the Spring King will reward each of them with Mirror World Cache x30!

The Warspear Online Team

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  • Shimarin changed the title to [2024.05.08] Spring Dungeon Speedrun Records!
6 hours ago, Shimarin said:

The marathon record for the longest dungeon run goes to Paladin Miui (RU-Amber) - 2 h 0 min 30 sec!


what was he doing in there for that long?? :sunning:

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