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Lv 10 mage arena build

mulaBR xPrOx

lv 10 arena mage build  

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  1. 1. Staff

    • Ents staff
    • Arena staff
    • Lv 9 staff(no resil)
  2. 2. Gear

    • Master gear(lv 9 no resil)
    • Arena gear
    • Mixed
  3. 3. Enchant

    • Cape-crit(crystal)
    • Cape-widsom
    • Helm-accu(crystal)
    • Helm-widsom
    • Ammy-crit(crystal)
    • Ammy-accu
    • Gloves-penet (crystal)
    • Gloves-accu
    • Armor-pdef/mdef(rune)
    • Armor-resil
    • Belt-regen(crystal)
    • Belt-crit
    • Rings-penet(crystal)
    • Rings-regen

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If you are going for high amp and by that I mean if you will be spending a decent amount of money....well it's not necessary but it will make this build more successful.


use ents staff

master's garment 

master's baldric

master's bracelts

master's circlet

shoes of master (the one with hp version)


All these have hp and crit prioritize.


add resil runes to all that apply


Avenger's chiton cloak is best for damage 14 magic damage with 5% magic damage increase is too good *_*

unless of course you have cloak of greatness.....then yeah xD

Some would say the craft cloak with magic damage and energy regen is better...

I wouldn't use it. The reduction of damage is not worth it when you can survive with energy regen from rings and belt (if willing to sacrifice critical crystal on the belt ((not recommended)) )

That cloak better for healers :P


the amulet is up for debate...

you can go for max damage with 7% dmg increase amulet

lv10 craft amulet with percentage

or my choice, Polished Jade Amulet. 11 Mdmg, penetration, and hp. No percentage but it has penetration...which I prioritize.


as for rings, you could probably use aqulion/wulthurn ect. 

but I find it better to use craft graceful jade ring. basically higher level percentage version of matchless ring.


and the most important part is your costume. A good mage like costumes makes the build.

if female, use sorceress or witch.

guys use...eh idk XD use your best judgment. Obviously some costumes look better when holding staff than others.




Yes. the costumes is important. 


I have a lv10 mage but it is all about for farming. I don't use resil arena crap...but obviously we can fix it around for you by replacing the runes and maybe if you really want, using arena staff. Not sure if there is one with crit and penetration....but if there is..use that one! 

I prioritize in order...hp, penetration, and critical.

I recommend having different rings, belt.

If you are in arena, don't be afraid to use penetration rings when fighting non healers, and using energy regen gear fighting healers.

Good option to have 2 belts.

Master's baldric with resil and crit

and another belt random with hp and energy regen..for farming.  



As a mage, you are all about damage so accuracy, penetration, critical are important aspects. 

Obviously everyone is different so you can tweak it around to what feels more comfortable with you.


I love the penetration with this build, it easily reaches 10.1% if you use the gear I talk about (with great enchants ofc)


As for skills....like I said you are all about damage so go for 5/5 fire ball, and 3/5 chains imo.

Try to arena with a tank-y partner and such.


Good luck!

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use craft itens best u can (lv10)and def equips arena is my opinion for + ur res elm, armor, and belt staff use craft aprimority boots/gloves boss drop(hp)

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