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Priest useless after nerf

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They definitely don't listen to their people, I can understand that the game is based on 5x5 and elfs vs mcs, but what they did to the priest was very evil, the priest's main problem was always his little or almost no way of defense against enemies, and now with the nerf he lost that, they gave him more damage which is not noticeable because the character can't stand it, they definitely only listen to the crybabies and this already has me very bored with their game, you don't understand that the game, no matter how team-based, you play alone, that you complete the missions alone and that the quests are individual, now you can't even walk in almahad since the truce is now useless, thank you for being so selfish and with pleasure to the mcs, as you can see their favoritism for certain characters. Don't be surprised that people stop playing if they are not able to listen to their players, I have been asking the same thing for a long time and they did the opposite, it is a shame to see that they only care about keeping their pay to win happy. Game in dacadence.

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Kinda true, i wish they'd do something with truce for PvE so that it can keep mobs off you, atleast for a second or 2.

Although the new one is arguably better for dmg and overall quality of life when using it for bosses etc.

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