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Don't get scammed!


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Hello everyone,

Warspear Online started to be a bigger game so its normal to see people scamming each other.

But this started to be in a bigger way. You can see many sites being posted in World Chat about giving free miracle coins.

Please, do not beilive these kind of sites! They are for stealing your account and items which are made by people you call "hackers".


You should never forget that, if you don't give any account information to anyone its impossible to loose your account. Play safe, never try to cheat, scam other people. Thats the simple solution.


People will keep finding different ways to steal your money, your items and your account.


Full bag trade:

We allways tell you to look carefully on what you trade, it might not be the amount of gold or the item you want.

Just for an example:

The scammer (which will probably tell you a very good amount of gold to buy your item) will put -



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A really good thread..


Never, i repeat NEVER give your account information to any person, unless you know him in real life. There are friends who you can trust, but as new people have come up in the game they wana get rich the easy way! Do not give in to them. Some common traps-


1. Im am this guy i want to use ur character to help someone.

Uses names of pro's or popular people.


2. Fake characters like kuzmich (currently spamming eu emerald) pretending to be developers.


3. Guys wanting to double your money or offering miracle coins (mc does not require password)


4. Guys wanting to trade your char to ingame or offline stuff. They will take your char info and go off. (this is illegal btw)

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