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  1. Warspears is idiot game .go leave guys, more is the good game then warspear idiot. duck u aigrind
  2. Dear warspears team support , :clapping: ty so much for u give back my acc,,,and me wanna playing again warspears online game..good luck for all team warspears !!! :drinks:
  3. >:D its true,,me undetstainds cuz snorlax is your friends :tease:
  4. I have 5 char in 1 acc ,saenim bd lv20,colimania paladin lv20,vikinx ranger lv20,dwifortuna druid lv20 and nengeuis priest lv20. snorlax say me,,him wanna registered my acc in the game warspears developer and wanna give me 500$ every weekly. I give email acc and pasword..but not give back my acc and him sell my acc to other ppl . I have screenshot facebook message from him. This just attentions,this admin forum is the big liyer and ducking scammer !!!
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