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New LVL 6-10-14 US SIDE


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Hello everyone . I want to make a new lvl 6-10 and 14 arena characters side



I found a cool side in Bitter Ashed Island.



You can go on it by enter in mc side (or if u mc just go in caravan) and you will find a cave where u can enter in the Island.



This place is protected by the mobs (they ar not in range) and there you can pvp vs any lvl of arenas

and with bigger too to show ur real power  :dirol:



Please comment if you guys lvl 6-10-14 of any class want this :) i want mcs to don't kill elfs in this arena like pvp cave.


What makes this different of pvpcave?In pvpcave almoust all are big lvl and if they see a little lvl they kill just for fun  :facepalm:


Here the photos.




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The only problem is reaching there when all it takes is for 1 mc to gank you

We will try to make mc understand this :) lvl 6-10 no quest so don't get sth but lvl 14 :[
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but u lvl 14 and strong weapon  :shok:  no?



me +7 noob since 2012  8)



actually, i got lv11+12+13+14 arena set +0 no enchants, now if i had a noob staff this could go somewhere

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