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Druid Weak


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Bees is completely OP, It covers your whole screen with yellow bees for 5 seconds, its like a complete 5 second stun  :wacko:


Lol idk, its not blocking mines, so in my opinion its useless :D They use it, then its only doing some dmg and nothing much :D
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Insect swarm depends on moon stats, more moon more damage of bees. Go amp your staff then you will see how OP bees at lv5.


Insect swarm

120 dmg x 5 times = 600 dmg with no fail


Earth quake

300 dmg once, critical 600! dmg with sometimes dodge


So, both skills are interesting xD....

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wow..  .i can see fully amp druids with SD baton  :facepalm:  ..& priest there OP also. mages hard to win then.    but knox still the best druid. hehe  :clapping: . any video for MC/FK Vs ELF/ CHOSEN ?.. 1v1

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