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Hamstring question


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Im just asking because i got hit in arena from 3 tiles away.


thats is from your connection ,and make screen phone problem ,like thts skill looks a range skill
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Hamstring range is 2-3 steps away, I have perfect connection on Warspear, no lag, no delay, no disconnections ( though sometimes but it's a bug not my connection )

@Jaw It's not the connection, it's the game, the system or graphic whatever is too gay that it makes you see stuff, like example: In Sanc room when u pass the 1st room and all mobs attacking you and then it shows u at crossing then you stay there for like 20 seconds then die, then if your friend sees your corpse it's at crossing then when he leaves room and enters again your corpse will be at middle of mobs.

Or that food magic, not sure if you no that bug, but that is also 1 reason. but I don't think this would happen to someone, though I've experienced hamstring from 7-9 steps away, in granite room in goblins all goblins were attacking me then hamstring out of nowhere and then next thing I see is numbers on my head and BD running to me  :wacko:

But I've tested it, it's 2-3 steps away, sometimes you have to be infront of boss, IDK, it's just like Charge, it's random, usually when I use barb I just walk infront of mob not charge just walk but then it stuns him and sometimes it's 2 or 3 steps away.

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