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New gp systems..


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First sorry if its wrong section becasue idk exactly where to post it..


As we all know now playing for 5 minutes gives us 30 gp everyday.Not offending but gms thinked on it twice before making it?


Here is what can be done with new system.

Lets take an example of a lvl4 guild which have maximum 40 members.

If each member creates a new id it will have 6 empty slots,Therefore 6×40=240 lvl2 can be created (Cuz minimum lvl to join guild is 2).

First all log on to their lvl2's and leader kick all their high lvl chars.And leader inv a trusted friends lvl2 and set him as a leader.

Now they'll make guild full of lvl2's and wait for 5 minutes

Tada! They got (40×30=1200) gp

And still they have 5 lvl2's left one their ids

So totally they get is,


7200 gp in 30 mins isnt bad right?becuase no need to do a single quest,arena,tower,they dont even have to move a single step.

Repeating it will just give a huge Load of gp for free...


Same thing would be even worse if they are planning to do same with more more more chars :facepalm:


Now low lvl farming is even easier then before :bad:


So if possible then Make the daily 30gp free gp system for LvL 12 or up.


Feel free to ask questions or share your opinions! :)


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You have to be in the guild for atleast 24 hours before you can start getting free guild points. Case closed.

Unlimited source of guild points


Everyone is dreaming about getting things just for being themselves. This is wonderful and now it became real in our game!


Starting from this update, each player can begin earning guild points, by just logging in. Enter the game, be online not less than for 5 minutes and 30 guild points are yours! It works just once a day, but every day, with no weekends or holidays! Just remember that you have to be a member of a guild for not less than 24 hours.



Good luck and read well in next times! :good:

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