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changes that need to be made urgently in skills


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this new class had potential from the beginning with its ability with high attack power (annihilation) as well as a very decent increase in its damage on top of this the idea of an ability capable of reducing all the damage received in such an absurd way that would allow you to enter the battlefield, charge into your demon form, and go on a rampage for the duration of the ability looked pretty cool.


but I couldn't be more wrong


the truth is that this class is completely deficient, although in the "PvE" sector it can be saved from some things, in the most played sector "PvP" is totally poorly designed. Being this last one that I will talk about in this topic... let's start with his basic abilities "Otherworldly boost" an ability that will allow you to transport to a location slowing down all the targets that are in the area and applying bleeding in case you find yourself in demonic form 


the ability is obviously intended to give the reaper mobility and do some damage and the ability would be fine... if it wasn't, it's not right. the slowdown of this class is too low, even having the ability to the maximum there would be practically no difference in speed towards the enemy, in addition to the fact that to apply the bleeding damage you must be in demon form, which will not happen since you are supposed to need this ability to get close to the enemy means that in many cases you will not have enough hate to be able to make a jump in demon form


obviously this ability needs to be changed, that bleeding should not be applied in demon form but should be applied whenever you jump on an enemy, this restriction does not make the slightest sense and that slow has no value since you move to the same speed as your enemy, once you reach him he can no longer go anywhere 


let's move on to the next ability "chains of the underworld" this ability already looked useless in itself but after seeing it in action... the truth didn't change anything I simply checked what was already seen, the main problem with this ability is that Unlike the ability of the chieftain that has a certain similarity, this must be applied in melee like the bd with the difference that this ability cannot silence or stun, so we have an ability that serves to immobilize enemies but you must be in melee with them and let them freely use skills, use this skill on a bd or a chieftain and they will show you a thousand and one reasons why you ended up kissing the ground 

oh wait in his demonic form he applies the effect to all enemies!! they're still fully functional in combat, just a slight cooldown disadvantage but nothing serious so don't worry. I think the point is clear 


this ability requires a silence or stun in case it stays short ranged (including aoe version) or allow the user to use this ability at least 3 yards away 


let's start with the expert skills and this is where the good stuff comes from


let's start with the main one, delayed death this ability was the only thing I thought that could save this class in pvp, the ability to massively reduce the damage received but receiving it later an ability that could make you a fearsome enemy since it would allow you to fight death against an enemy knowing that you would die in the end... it was a total disappointment the ability always returns all the damage it receives that I already knew but I didn't think it would be in such an aggressive way... a debuff that makes you (in if maxed) 20% of the damage you take every 2 seconds... debuff that can be reduced but in massive fights you will very rarely have a shaman or necro watching your back so your kill will be assured and you could even die before the duration of this expired, with the talent it is salvageable but that talent should be part of the ability itself since a change as important as that should not be a talent ... I will add to this one detail is that the ability does not count as damage reduction, so buffs like the shaman or the chief will not reduce the damage as they do with other classes, what do I mean... let's do a quick calculation, let's put a base of damage received (3000) now let's put the reduction of delayed (2400 subtract about 600) well with this you would think that with a shaman or mermen buff you could reach 100% reduction and receive 0 damage while still receiving damage from the debuff but It's not the case... any damage reduction applied to you will be done at the end of the whole calculation so we'll have something like this


3000 - 80% = 600 and finally it would be 600 minus the % of reduction that we say comes from a shaman so we will say 50% being like that


3000 - 80% = 600 - 50% = 300


It may seem like a lot but no, that shouldn't be how it works.. in the end you still take long term damage from the debuff so it's not broken like you might think. 


the ability to resist (I don't remember the name) this ability, since I don't have it, I can't give it my own opinion and I don't know how much potential can be squeezed out of it, so I'll give my opinion based on what I've read in other topics of both Russian community as well as users who already have leveled reapers, this skill can be useful as we are talking about a skill that passively allows you to resist certain debuffs (I haven't tested so I don't know if the skill also resists common debuffs like bleeding, poison, slow, among others I can only hope not) this ability is activated after resisting 3 debuffs or after using the demonic form but something that we must take into account is that the demonic form is a skill for long-term fights, What do I mean by this? the fight should be delayed long enough to charge the demon form with this in mind. the ability has a certain value since, unlike other skills, it allows you to always resist the 4th negative effect you receive without energy cost (this at maximum level) so would it be like having a 25% resist is it good? yes, enough? No. The restriction of the skill makes us understand that it is also a skill for long-term battles and although the demon also allows you to activate this passive, for this you should have loaded yourself with hate first, so following a simple logic... how do you get hate if you are stunned? There is an ability that I will also talk about, which is madness (short name) that allows you to charge rage, unfortunately it does not charge enough at level 1 and it is not worth improving it beyond that, so we cannot count on this ability


following up with skill the ability to resist, something that became so important in the initiation classes is restricted to having to receive 3 debuffs to be able to resist the next one, it is something that as an initiator is very limiting


"approach of madness" there is not much to say, the skill has a very high cooldown and you need to have the skill very level to still not be able to charge the demon form without going into combat something we already saw doing without the demon form is like jumping directly into a Mortal trap 


"Revenge" I don't have it so I don't know if it's good or not, no one I know has it and I've never seen it in action against multiple targets so I'll reserve my opinion 


"Black mark" The skill seems fine to me, a debuff to the target that increases the damage it receives and a more striking effect to let your team know that there is an enemy marked or that they are being buffed by this skill would make this skill more viable for use in multiple builds, I would also recommend thinking a bit about that 50% effect group restriction since to get this they had to kill the target, something that doesn't work against solo dungeon bosses and is difficult to activate in arena/ gvg against very strong people 


These abilities should be seen and see what solution is given since they are the reaper's greatest limitation, I am in a guild which focuses on combats against other other guilds, very massive fights of 80vs80 or according to the situation +95vs+95 and my Companions who are heirs of this guild have told me that they don't plan to invite this class as they don't see any use for it in these fights, considering its low aoe damage, low survivability as well as poor crowd control ability and a Non-existent healing ability/decent grouping buff make this class one of the most useless in massive fights, which is what defines this game and if they already have that idea, imagine other guilds that also focus on this type of fights... please this class has a very good potential, with a few changes it could be a very valuable class for the legion. very few people are still playing this class and those who made it are changing their main characters again since they were disappointed with this, don't let this class die I hope a change soon so I can see this class in the horror dungeons 


After saying this, I hope to see you in the next opportunity in the lands of Arinar or here again sharing opinions in the forum, have a nice day

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