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if u didnt know i quit


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:search:  :lol: yes i quit  :shok: my baby soon to be born n I'm not gonna have time or money to play this game so was fun 4-5years playing if want keep in touch my fb link is on here

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arena tickets: remove them. Make earned

arena points much lower. This way everyone can

fight and you will probably have more online

players i could make arena all day for fun İF it

was free . there can be though, a vip room ör

something for higher arena point but it costs to fight there.

2)amplify: amplifying is really hard. Some people

make +10 with very less signs but some spends

hundreds and hundreds and get nothing

amplify level could be on +100 for example that

way your signs wouldnt go waste +100would be same as +10now but with the hundreds of

signs we spend we could atleast get something

for it (not +100 but maybe +95)

3)miracle coins: they cost too much yes you

make discounts all the time but its not really

enough i think 0,99dollars for 150miracle coin would be nice İF it was regular price

4)arena: it shouldnt give many guild points +10

people always spams arena and wins easily.

Working hard and questing killing powerfull

bosses should be the main source of guild points

5) guilds: too much reward for winners and hard to level up

6)daily roulette: it can give gold miracle

coin,miracle coin item arena point crimson

corundum (mostly gold or worthless items)

7) balance the classes. Many people complains

about it. Happy player=good game Some classes are really powerfull i never played as one but

barbarians are not really good. Necros and

death knights too maybe.

8 ) daily bonus when played 2 3 4 5 6 7 days in a row

9)make game pay to play , for more quality players,less scammers and earning more money.

10)expert skills for lower levels. We should be able to get 1expert skill when we get our first quest irselnort

11)dungeons for lower levels. I mean why not? Why always things for higher levels? İt would be good for low level players to earn gold and more fun.

12)craft speciality. I didnt think this through yet but selecting the enchant that armor will give could be cool. For example you are caster, you wont want attack speed, and will change it for mana or magic damage. Cool right?

13) creature drops gives 1or 2more gold maybe?

14) gladiator pot,unity potwhen finish boss quests?

15) some miracle coin items also in arena shop? Like Glad pot, signs too maybe(but expensive and need hard work)


17) being able to make and sell our own costumes (for like 1000mcoin or higher maybe)

  Please read this and consider it. Mods i hope

you can show this to developers or something i

dont know who is in charge. Somethıngs really need to change. dont be greedy you will earn

more if you get more people to buy miracle coins

and not just rich players.(spam in forum İF you like it [(for attention)])

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Deleting my chars would b hard to do lol :(  :good: :sorry:


same here

But it is really the only way to quit otherwise u will come back to visit and before u realize ur stuck on the ws needle again xD

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