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Charmer build?


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Hi, new player here.I'm interested in building charmer by how they can summon dogs lmao.. How do i build my charmer? skills, later equipment, extra skill, etc? much appreciated


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   It is recommended to play other classes with the same energy, and the version is weakened to be auxiliary.

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I invite you to check my guide of skills about charmer: 


All skills of charmers are very good, but if will be damager like the most ones, then use:

Call 5/5 with relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"

Weakness 3/5 or 5/5 if have good defense

Combat Healing 5/5 or 3/5 if have good defense

In experts i recommend:

Help of Chaos 4/4

Demonic Pact 4/4

Summoner Skill 4/4


And using talent skills points (2) you can make good use of them, depending on what you are, if damager, tanker or support, in my case I have Stone Curse 2/4, but want to use Otherwordly Blessing 3/4 for more hp and bock

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1- Is icy relic still relevant 8/2022


2- what's the 'rage' buff in relic description

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Had one other question to add
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