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Unjustified complaints on new skill

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Everyone ♥♥♥♥♥ing like little girls about new be skill. But forget some important points.


1. Mc always had opp long stuns blind,fear + quake,circle

2. BD skill appears only on high level and has low success rate

3. This is the only skill be has that stands out on a mass fight


Fact is ranged classes of equal strength still have a huge advantage on bd. I win bds easy with my shaman still.

And while fear or blind can send an enemy into a swarm of hostile NPC, bd skill causes NPC to attack him.


The new skill only really seems op in 1x1 about 40% of the times when it works.


When I play be whenever I get successful stun I get messages of how its unfair and op... So bloody annoying considering how much crap one at from wizards and shamans the same way :)

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